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You have brains in your head.  You have feet in your shoes.
You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. ~ Dr. Seuss

You think differently.
You’re the one asking awkward questions in the company meeting.
You have a high sensitivity to BS – and you’ve called people on it.
You see the obvious, when everyone else has tunnel vision.
It’s made you feel like a bit of an outcast, a misfit, like you’re the one who just doesn’t get it.
You’re admired by some, feared by others, dismissed as a bit crazy by still others.

You’ve tried, you really have,

  • To fit in, to belong
  • To follow what others tell you
  • To conform

You’ve learned to keep your ideas to yourself, because they’re too “outside the box.”.  You’ve twisted yourself into a pretzel to make others happy – at your own expense.

Success conceptThere is nothing more powerful as
an idea whose time has come. ~ Victor Hugo

It’s time – your time – time to define your own success
and start living the life you were meant to live.

The time has come to stop following and start leading – your own life!!

Are you still following someone else’s idea of how you should be living?  Maybe its …

  • Your parents …
  • Your teachers …
  • Your religious institution …
  • Your educational institution …
  • Your kids …
  • Your spouse/intimate partner …
  • Your siblings …
  • Your social circle …

Man turning the word "Impossible" into "Possible"Do you feel a little bit like a misfit?  You think differently than others, and you feel like you never really belong?  Has this given you some self-doubt, lack of confidence?

What if I told you that the world needs people like you – right now?  We need to bring those differences out, because clearly doing things the way they’ve always been done isn’t working anymore.

The time is now for you to reclaim your personal power and make decisions based on what’s right for you, what you want, and your joy and fulfillment.

But wait, you may be saying…

  • If I focus on me, everything will fall apart.
  • I can’t think about what makes me happy.  That’s selfish.
  • I don’t even remember what I want anymore.
  • I’m not good enough/don’t deserve to be, do or have what I really want.
  • I’m just a crazy old fool – who wants to hear what I have to say?
  • My ideas won’t be taken seriously anyway.
  • It’s too late for me.  I’m stuck where I am and there’s no way out.

I have one thing to say to you:  you’re wrong!!

Reaaching Up Into The SkyIf you have a desire, a calling, to live your life in a more authentic, vibrant, joyful, meaningful way …

If you want to reconnect with your heart’s desires, and to do work that is fulfilling, not just for the paycheck but because you know you’re making a difference, the kind of work that you know you were born to do ….

If you know – you’ve always known – that you’re meant for a bigger life, but you’ve almost given up because you didn’t know how to get there …

Apply for a complimentary strategy sessions today and let’s talk!

buttonMy life’s work is to bring a new way of thinking, to teach people how to look beyond our social conditioning, to reconnect with their inner genius, and to bring that out in a way that enhances not just their lives, but the lives of everyone they touch.

If that sounds like you – if your heart just leaped a bit, and your inner voice is saying “yes, please, that’s exactly what I need!” – if you know in your bones that it’s an idea whose time has come, at least for you – click on the link, answer the questions, and send it to me – take that first step toward realizing the dream of what your life could really be like.

If you’re not sure if this is right for you -

  • you’ve tried coaching before and it hasn’t helped or it’s been a one-size-fits all approach that left you feeling worse than when you started,
  • you’re not really sure what coaching is all about and how it can help you
  • you’ve reached out for help before and didn’t get what you needed

Apply for a strategy session and let’s talk.  I promise to provide you with my objective assessment of what you’ll need to get started on the right path.  If one of my programs is right for you, we’ll talk about that.  If not, I may refer you to another resource I think will be more useful to you.


For me, it’s about getting you on the right track.  I promise I won’t try to back you into an emotional corner and pressure you to sign up for something that may not be right for you.  I’ll answer your questions and find out more about you, and if I think I can help, I will offer to do that.  And you can choose to take that step or not, without pressure.

Let’s talk today, and get you on the path to Your Life – Realized!