Do you need permission to be you?

Whenever we think we need change in our life, it’s natural to look to those we admire and try to be more like them. But sometimes, we can get stuck in trying to be someone we’re not – and it’s not working out for us. So we feel bad, like we’re just not good enough or we weren’t meant to have whatever it is we want that we think we have to be like this other person to have in our lives. Worse, we can start beating ourselves up for not being as smart, or pretty, or social, or whatever trait it feels like they have that we don’t have.

But we don’t need to be someone else to get what we want. What we have to be is truly, fully, ourselves. This is not as simple as it sounds. We have a lot of noise coming at us all the time telling us how we should look and act and think and behave. Some of it’s useful, some of it’s not. We have to learn to discern what’s right for us.

Once you give yourself permission to just be you – not a carbon copy of someone else, even someone you admire greatly – you’ll be inspired in ways you can’t imagine. And, you’ll begin to realize *your* life – the one that makes you happy, that leaves you feeling fulfilled, and brings you the prosperity you seek.

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